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Dave Andrews knows the fickle, playful, hurtful, redemptive quirks of the human heart. 

Long- experienced guitarist, banjo-player, singer and songwriter,  his music is poetry of sound and emotion.

He is a man of many talents. In his other life, Dave is a photographer, photo restoration artist and fine art printer. But music is central to all he is and does. He has been part of the Ottawa, Canada music scene since his early 20s, playing at coffee houses, small concert venues, and outdoor music festivals. He is known for his brilliant acoustic style (Bluegrass, Folk, Appalachia, Christian) as well as his rich voice, lyrics, and profound depth of emotion.

His music is at times whimsical, tender, thoughtful, sweet, passionate, and heart-wrenching: music that gets deep into your soul and stays there.

Available on Spotify and Apple.


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