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Sometimes gentle, wistful, fun, sometimes heart-wrenching, and always reflective of life, love, celebration and loss, this album is true soul music, each track a bit of love in itself.


Dave has written many of the songs on this album; other composers are some of his favourites: Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Alan Fraser, Townes Van Zant.

Available on Spotify and Apple.

"Congratulations! Great musicianship. Great instrumentation and lyrics. Great voice. Enjoyed it all."
                                        - Elizabeth

“I have listened to this on my headset while doing many a photo-editing project. I LOVE this collection of amazing music and songs that Dave Andrews has mastered both in creation and performance. He is a musician/singer/songwriter of awesome quality.

“Dave’s guitar-playing, his composing, his heartfelt lyrics, and especially his amazing and soothing voice blend all together so well, and I appreciate the privilege of having this album in my possession. The music accompaniment is really good as well. So fitting.

“I’ll be playing this baby over and over again. It’s a wonderful piece of work and a wonderful talent.”

- Paul Latour, Ottawa Canada

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